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Esun Culture Communiation LLC found in 2014, focus on photography, videography and edit, graphic design, UI design, etc.
In sports area, we cooperate with Houston Rockets and Li Ning for long time, take photos and videos for their projects every year.

We also cooperate with other NBA super stars, for example, take photos for Kobe Bryant Basketball Camp in LA, take photos and videos for James Harden Basketball Camp in Houston, take photos and videos for Tracy McGrady Basketball Camp in Houston, It is also the designated photography agency of the former Rockets player Tarik Black Foundation.

In arts area, filmed the famous international ballet dancer Tan Yuanyuan In San Francisco, we are the main creative teams of Houston's first Chinese movie ''Hidden Summer”

In industry area, make commercial videos, event photo and video, staff portrait for big companies, for example, AT&T, Shell, Baylor college of medicine, American First National Bank, Golden Section Technology, S&S Agrisource Holding, etc.

In marketing area, make overall visual planning for the company’s marketing, including videos, photos, brochures, and UI design for example, KwickPOS, AMERIDUO, Techcycle Technology, etc.

In restaurant industry, take photos and videos for products,for example, Airi Ramen, Fuji Tea, One Dim Sum, Chuan Café, etc.
In real estate industry, take photos and videos for projects, for example, The Travis, Kirby Interchange, etc.

In arts education area, take photos and videos for students and events, for example, OAEC, Mitsi Dancing School, Happy Feet Dancing School, etc.

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