Niu Jiao Jian Hot Pot

About Us

The origin of the name Niu Jiao Jian is because we believe the quality of beef in Texas is the best and most popular. In Chinese, the horns can also represent the ones who are particularly striving for the ultimate. This is the spirit we pursue, in the ingredients, the production process, and the service provider’s all-round horns. The corporate culture of the horns is to bring the best to our diners, and to sharpen the horns in all areas of the restaurant.

Hot pot is a very diversified cooking method, not only the most famous spicy hot pot. Everyone can add different sauces and ingredients to the pot according to their own preferences, which can suit everyone’s unique preferences, and also symbolize the Chinese people’s style of unity.

Niu Jiao Jian has spent a lot of time on brand building. We are always actively introducing seasonal products to suit to the seasons and accommodate people’s tastes, with the higher requirements of the new generation for diversified foods, we want to make sure our dishes and Hot Pot will get you the most satisfaction.

The effect of the nutritious soup base is suitable for all consumers. On a cold winter day, it’s very enjoyable dining experience hanging out with family and friends with Hot Pot everyone can do their own liking.


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