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Mel has spent over 30 years managing, owning, consulting and, or advising and assisting companies. Both public and private companies were in need of serving fast growing markets, new markets or companies under competitive market pressure. He has also assisted offshore companies starting U.S. operations and in some cases was interim COO or CEO.

He has worked in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Columbia, Venezuela, Australia, South Africa, France, The Philippines and Vietnam.

In addition he has owned companies that manufacture agricultural and construction equipment as well as consumer products.

Mel is a long time member of the Asian Chamber of Commerce.

Professional Expertise:
Owner of 2 manufacturing companies and an E commerce supplements company.
Market analysis and sales development in companies including food products, supplements and other consumer products.
Acquisitions and mergers and company sales.

Business Sector Experience:
Building materials, government contracting and heavy electro-mechanical equipment.
Wellness and food products, pharmaceuticals, and supplements.
Military, and aerospace electronics.
Refining, petrochemical, oil, and gas E&P equipment manufacturing.

Mel is known for his non confrontational approach that focusses on assisting all employees, customers, and owners to openly discuss what their goals are and what the company can do for them. His work is based upon the concept of asset actualization which works to have all assets; people, customers, data and other assets work together. The result helps make a

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